Simply being in the presence of Dr. V. is healing.  She is kind, compassionate and a good listener - and even gives you her e-mail address!  Her knowledge is extensive.  Dr. V. patiently answers questions, gives meaningful explanations and offers realistic hope.  I don't think she ever prescribes pharmaceutical drugs, yet she is familiar with their uses and effects.  Her treatments, which include recommending simple lifestyle choices, are safe and effective.  If Dr. V. is ever the least bit uncertain about anything, she doesn't hesitate to research the matter.


Dr. V. respects her patients' budgets.  For example, she offers 15 minute appointments - when appropriate.


Sometimes her appointments run late.  This is probably because she's inclined to help her patients, even if time is running out.  Regardless, Dr. V. is worth waiting for.


Dr. V.'s sense of humour (always appropriate) is a delightful bonus.  It seems that a good laugh is one of her remedies!


Dr. V. will put you on the road to good health, and keep you there.  I recommend Dr. V. without reservation.

Carol P., St. Albert