Although each person will experience a wellness in their health in a different way I believe all will have a great experience. I am a colon cancer patient who was having further complications, and also too much weight, smoking and emotionally not happy. I had to try something and from previous experience I knew that detoxification worked (Dr. V will explain this complicated subject). I tried it again by myself but to no avail so it was time to call in the cavalry. Within 4 days of working with this very personable and beautiful young lady, my weight dropped, I actually quit smoking without any aids (I still have some cravings but later), my emotions skyrocketed to actually ready to take on another cancer battle. I not only was on the Dr. V’s program but was walking, swimming, infrared sauna and steam room and all with the knowledge of my medical doctor and cancer specialists. Now - did I cheat yes it happened and on more than one occasion but here is the interesting thing. As my body grew cleaner and stronger it wanted to be cleaner and stronger. I stopped smoking because I did not like the way it made me feel which is different than keeping smoking because of the craving, I quit eating the wrong foods because I did not like the way it made me feel, I started to turn off the TV earlier and go to bed because when I woke up early I felt wonderful and ready to take on the day. Can you see the change in my emotion in this testimonial. I did two cycles on, one cycle off (3 weeks) and am starting another two cycles on. I felt so good that I offered this program to my sister and my two children and offered to pay for it. It was the best present I could give them. It is expensive but what value do you place on your health and if my case (which could be limited) I cannot take it with me. All the best Dr. V. I may not live longer but I am living happier because I live healthier.

John MC., Edmonton