Probably the first impression I had of Dr. V was her amazing energy and determination to help and guide me to make changes in my life and health. Dr. V worked with me for more than a year as my primary healthcare provider and my health, lifestyle and wellbeing coach. She presented with a caring smile and an understanding, knowledgeable and supportive voice that gave me the strength to learn and accomplish some significant changes in my life and health. During this time I lost weight and became more active, my Hemoglobin A1C (blood sugar) and my cholesterol test results were finally getting to where they needed to be. After testing and treatment, some of my hormones that had likely been askew for many years were also back in line. There were a number of other shifts as well.
Dr. V gives so much to that great health partnership that comes when working with a truly skilled Naturopathic Doctor!

Forever in your debt.

David PS., Coquitlam