I owe Dr. V a debt of gratitude for diagnosing me and helping me manage my condition.  For 5 plus years I have struggled with a variety of symptoms and issues that no other doctors could explain.  I have been to a Neurologist, Hematologist, Pulmonary Specialist, Cardiologist, Bioidentical Hormone Doctors to name a few and while they were each knowledgeable within their field none of them could provide me with a diagnosis and without a diagnosis it was impossible to treat me.  I went to Dr. V desperate for some answers, I was to the point I had to leave my job and I struggled everyday with fatigue, brain fog and joint pain etc.  I remember the first visit I told her I needed a quarter back to see if there was a connection to all the issues I was having.   Dr. V tied all the pieces of information together and within three month I received a diagnosis of Sjogrens Syndrome (note: Dr. V’s diagnosis was later confirmed by a Rheumatologist).  Dr. V began managing the disease immediately and within 6 weeks the disease has become inactive.  I don’t know if the disease will become active again but I am confident that Dr. V will see me thorough whatever may come my way.  Dr. V is dedicated to helping you be as healthy as possible, she suggested food sensitivity testing which showed what I was eating was increasing inflammation in my body so after removing these items from my diet I not only dropped 20 pounds but it has greatly reduced my fatigue, brain fog and joint pain.

Dr. V works cooperatively with my doctors and is conscientious of trying to keep expenses to a minimum.  She is a wonderful warm caring individual who has truly given me my life back! I will forever be grateful for all Dr. V has done for me!

Nadine C., St. Albert,