Integrative Cancer Care

The options available for treating cancer are numerous, but understanding the best option for your case is the ultimate key to successful cancer care.  Every cancer is different, but more importantly, every patient with cancer is different.  What may work for one person with the exact same type of cancer may not be the most beneficial route for you or your loved one.  Each individual will respond differently to treatment due to their underlying genetics, current diet and lifestyle, environmental exposures, and status of their immune and elimination systems.  Taking each of the components together is key to putting together the most successful comprehensive program possible.  Some of the treatment options available include the following:


Diet and Lifestyle Modification

Without the basic foundation for health, successful treatment of cancer cannot be achieved. Thus it is very important to ensure that diet modifications are in place to thwart cancer growth and promote a healthy system. In addition, proper lifestyle modification such as promoting healthy sleep, energy, exercise, and environment are all further foundational components to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit - all which are necessary to overcome cancer.

Orthomolecular Medicine

Understanding the supplements required based on your type of cancer and you as a person is necessary to ensure effective cancer killing activity. This is an area that many jump into themselves without true knowledge on how these compounds could potentially harm their chance of overcoming cancer. It is thus extremely important to have proper guidance to ensure that supplementation for optimal cancer killing potential is achieved. Furthermore, in patients that also utilise radiation and/or chemotherapy, it is especially important to know which products can negate those therapies thus making them less effective versus which products can enhance the activity of these therapies thus increasing their efficacy. In addition, individual programs based on your current conventional therapy choices can be made in order to prevent and decrease side effects of said therapies thus making you better able to complete the treatment.

Mistletoe Therapy

Many studies have demonstrated that this amazing herbal therapy can stimulate the immune system to kick it back into gear so that it may perform its innate duty of removing cancerous cells (and infected cells) from the body. Thus through this action, it has been found to decrease tumour size, reduce tumour related pain, increase survival time, and reduce side effects and thus increase tolerability of conventional treatments.

High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C

Multiple studies have shown that vitamin C given in high doses via intravenous routes has improved symptoms and prolonged the life of patients with cancer. Oral vitamin C has not shown the same benefit as it is not possible to achieve a high enough dose to be cytotoxic to cancer cells. Furthermore, it has been shown that vitamin C selectively kills cancer cells but not normal cells by generating hydrogen peroxide, thus making intravenous vitamin C a safe and effective option in treating cancer. It is also a great adjunct to conventional therapy if currently being utilised.

Other Intravenous Therapies

Outside of high dose vitamin C intravenous treatments there are a plethora of other intravenous treatments that can be useful against certain types of cancer, thus knowing all the pieces of the puzzle including type of cancer, other therapies being used, and response potential of a patient are necessary to allow proper navigation towards a successful treatment plan. In addition, supportive intravenous therapy to aid with common complications of cancer such as cachexia can also be utilised to provide the best outcome possible.

When booking your initial visit for your Integrative Cancer Care Program, please let reception know of the type of cancer that you have been diagnosed and ensure to bring any imaging and/or lab reports relating to the diagnosis so that your program can be prepared in the most timely and effective manner - every second counts!