Pain Management Program

Young woman with back pain holding the hand isolated


In chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, there is often additional levels of complexity that need to be addressed such as regulating mitochondrial dysfunction.   Mitochondria are organelles (little enclosed structures) found in all of your cells (they are especially high in number in muscle cells) which produce and provide your body with energy.  Without proper energy production and distribution throughout the body muscle pain, fatigue, and poor sleep are pervasive.  Furthermore, dysregulation in mitochondrial function can lead to oxidative damage thus causing significant inflammation , further impacting the progression of chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

Both acute and chronic pain can be debilitating to the individual suffering its effects. Not only does in impact the activities of daily living, but often impacts sufferers (especially chronic pain sufferers) on an emotional level thus creating unnecessary stress. The underlying factors affecting both acute and chronic pain are numerous and often include inadequate healing, uncontrolled inflammation, tissue degeneration, toxin accumulation, structural and physiological imbalances, as well as, tissue acidity. Hence a comprehensive approach to pain management is required to ensure all aspects are covered.


Dr. V's Pain Management Program identifies the underlying cause of the current pain as well as identify the obstacles to overcoming that pain. The program starts by investigating the source of the current pain via in depth questioning, physical examination, and in some cases laboratory testing. There is often some lifestyle and dietary components that are addressed to prevent worsening of the current condition as well as the start of supplemental support to aid in the repair and recovery of the source of pain. Furthermore, more advanced therapies such as acupuncture, biopuncture, and neural therapy are used in order to expedite the repair of the underlying damage as well as treatment of the pain. Once the pain has been managed, steps are taken to promote the prevention of future pain and maintenance of a pain free life.


To maximize the effectiveness of your visit, it is suggested to book additional time following your initial visit to ensure enough time is given to perform an advanced treatment modality to true boost the repair and recovery from pain. If interested in acupunture, an additional 45 min is recommended, otherwise for biopuncture and neural therapy an additional 30 min is recommended. If you're unsure, book an additional 45 min to ensure enough time for an advanced treatment, in which the treatment of choice can be determined within the core visit.