I owe Dr. V a debt of gratitude for diagnosing me and helping me manage my condition.  For 5 plus years I have struggled with a variety of symptoms and issues that no other doctors could explain.  I have been to a Neurologist, Hematologist, Pulmonary Specialist, Cardiologist, Bioidentical Hormone Doctors to name a few and while they were each knowledgeable within their field none of them could provide me with a diagnosis and without a diagnosis it was impossible to treat me.  I went to Dr. V desperate for some answers, I was to the point I had to leave my job and I struggled everyday with fatigue, brain fog and joint pain etc.  I remember the first visit I told her I needed a quarter back to see if there was a connection to all the issues I was having.   Dr. V tied all the pieces of information together and within three month I received a diagnosis of Sjogrens Syndrome (note: Dr. V’s diagnosis was later confirmed by a Rheumatologist).  Dr. V began managing the disease immediately and within 6 weeks the disease has become inactive.  I don’t know if the disease will become active again but I am confident that Dr. V will see me thorough whatever may come my way.  Dr. V is dedicated to helping you be as healthy as possible, she suggested food sensitivity testing which showed what I was eating was increasing inflammation in my body so after removing these items from my diet I not only dropped 20 pounds but it has greatly reduced my fatigue, brain fog and joint pain.

Dr. V works cooperatively with my doctors and is conscientious of trying to keep expenses to a minimum.  She is a wonderful warm caring individual who has truly given me my life back! I will forever be grateful for all Dr. V has done for me!

Nadine C., St. Albert,

Simply being in the presence of Dr. V. is healing.  She is kind, compassionate and a good listener - and even gives you her e-mail address!  Her knowledge is extensive.  Dr. V. patiently answers questions, gives meaningful explanations and offers realistic hope.  I don't think she ever prescribes pharmaceutical drugs, yet she is familiar with their uses and effects.  Her treatments, which include recommending simple lifestyle choices, are safe and effective.  If Dr. V. is ever the least bit uncertain about anything, she doesn't hesitate to research the matter.


Dr. V. respects her patients' budgets.  For example, she offers 15 minute appointments - when appropriate.


Sometimes her appointments run late.  This is probably because she's inclined to help her patients, even if time is running out.  Regardless, Dr. V. is worth waiting for.


Dr. V.'s sense of humour (always appropriate) is a delightful bonus.  It seems that a good laugh is one of her remedies!


Dr. V. will put you on the road to good health, and keep you there.  I recommend Dr. V. without reservation.

Carol P., St. Albert

Although each person will experience a wellness in their health in a different way I believe all will have a great experience. I am a colon cancer patient who was having further complications, and also too much weight, smoking and emotionally not happy. I had to try something and from previous experience I knew that detoxification worked (Dr. V will explain this complicated subject). I tried it again by myself but to no avail so it was time to call in the cavalry. Within 4 days of working with this very personable and beautiful young lady, my weight dropped, I actually quit smoking without any aids (I still have some cravings but later), my emotions skyrocketed to actually ready to take on another cancer battle. I not only was on the Dr. V’s program but was walking, swimming, infrared sauna and steam room and all with the knowledge of my medical doctor and cancer specialists. Now - did I cheat yes it happened and on more than one occasion but here is the interesting thing. As my body grew cleaner and stronger it wanted to be cleaner and stronger. I stopped smoking because I did not like the way it made me feel which is different than keeping smoking because of the craving, I quit eating the wrong foods because I did not like the way it made me feel, I started to turn off the TV earlier and go to bed because when I woke up early I felt wonderful and ready to take on the day. Can you see the change in my emotion in this testimonial. I did two cycles on, one cycle off (3 weeks) and am starting another two cycles on. I felt so good that I offered this program to my sister and my two children and offered to pay for it. It was the best present I could give them. It is expensive but what value do you place on your health and if my case (which could be limited) I cannot take it with me. All the best Dr. V. I may not live longer but I am living happier because I live healthier.

John MC., Edmonton

Probably the first impression I had of Dr. V was her amazing energy and determination to help and guide me to make changes in my life and health. Dr. V worked with me for more than a year as my primary healthcare provider and my health, lifestyle and wellbeing coach. She presented with a caring smile and an understanding, knowledgeable and supportive voice that gave me the strength to learn and accomplish some significant changes in my life and health. During this time I lost weight and became more active, my Hemoglobin A1C (blood sugar) and my cholesterol test results were finally getting to where they needed to be. After testing and treatment, some of my hormones that had likely been askew for many years were also back in line. There were a number of other shifts as well.
Dr. V gives so much to that great health partnership that comes when working with a truly skilled Naturopathic Doctor!

Forever in your debt.

David PS., Coquitlam