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When looking at treating disease the focus relies on find the true cause or causes underlying the disease in question.  We, as humans, are an accumulation of our health decisions over the years, our environment, and our genetics making us into an individual with multiple layers.  Those layers need to be peeled back precisely the right way and in the right order in order to succeed in overcoming disease.  Even if the right tools were used but were not used in the right order failure to overcome disease will ensue.  Thus ensuring that the healing process is done appropriately with the correct time frame and sequence is part of the finesse of a good doctor.

Peeling the layers to remove the underlying cause(s) of disease is a multi-step process that requires dedication from the part of the patient and guidance from the part of the doctor.  Often times this process is not linear but this non-linear approach is often required as each layer peeled reveals new information about the underlying cause.  For this process to be successful, be ready for change.

Thank you for your trust to partner with Dr. V in your healing journey.