If you are coming in for your first visit with Dr. V, please ensure that you fill out both the Informed Consent Form and an Intake Form (adult or pediatric if under 5 years of age).  You will require both for your visit.  All other forms are additional if requested.

Dr V - Adult Intake Form (including and above the age of 5 years)

Dr V - Pediatric Intake Form (for children under the age of 5 years)

Dr V - Informed Consent Form (required to receive any treatment)

Authorization For Release Of Records (required to access your medical information from your MD)

Diet Diary (useful when assessing gastrointestinal issues)

Sleep Diary (useful when assessing fatigue and/or insomnia)


If you haven't done so yet, please ensure that you read the Welcome Letter To New Patients to better prepare for your visit.