Naturopathic Weight Loss Program

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Step by Step Approach

1- Build the foundation

2- Decrease inflammation

3- Balance Hormones

4- Detox, drain, and maximize elimination

5- Accelerate fat burn


The Nitty Gritty

The Naturopathic Weight Loss Program is built on removing the underlying cause of your weight gain, boost current weigh loss, and promote long term sustainable weight loss. 

With the Naturopathic Weight Loss Program we focus on balancing the three pillars of weight loss: inflammation, hormones, and the liver.

Without proper balance of each of these pillars your weight loss efforts will become an uphill battle not easily overcome.  However, taking all of these into account will greatly improve your current weight loss efforts and promote long term sustainable results.


Not only is inflammation the main cause of disease, but it is also a large source of weight gain. When your body contains a lot of inflammation, whether through current disease, diet (food sensitivities), lifestyle, environment, the body holds on to fat in order to protect its organs from the damage caused by inflammation.


Hormones also play a large part in weight loss, including the sex hormones, thyroid stimulating hormone, and cortisol, to name a few. For example, those you suffer from chronic stress (most people) have a deregulated production of cortisol (stress hormone) due to the damage that stress inflicts on the adrenal glands. When your cortisol isn’t produced efficiently, your leptin sensitivity decreases, meaning your ability for your brain to tell you to stop eating decreases which makes you hungrier and in turns increase fat storage and weight. All of your hormones have a large impact on your weight and thus need to be balanced for effective weight loss.

Liver Health

Lastly, the liver also plays an important role in weight loss, especially in those who’ve “done everything right but still can’t lose weight”. The liver is responsible in the detoxification process (remove all toxins from the body), processing your hormones, proper digestion and metabolism (including breakdown fat), among many other processes. Your liver is a funnel, if its bogged down by all of its functions, then the little hole at the bottom of the funnel gets blocked and consequently your fat breakdown and removal (the essence of weight loss) is stopped.