Welcome Letter To New Patients

Welcome and thank you for choosing me as your naturopathic physician and member of your health team! You should be proud that you have just made an important step in improving your health. Together we will overcome the obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving optimal health and well-being.


Know that I take your health very seriously and that I will do everything in my power to guide you towards your goals. In order to help me with your particular situation please ensure that you take the following steps prior to your initial visit:

  • Complete intake form (return no later than 24 hours before your initial visit)
  • Read and sign the informed consent form
  • Read and sign the cancellation policy (in process)
  • Sign the authorization for release of records (we will use this to obtain previous medical information from your MD)
  • Bring any copies of previous lab test results and imaging reports (or other reports) to your appointment (if applicable)
  • Bring all of your medications and supplements to the appointment so that we can go through those together

The initial visit will consist of an in depth review of your current and past health concerns. I will also perform a focused physical exam based on your current needs. Once I have an understanding of what is the primary concern, we can start our initial treatment plan, which could include:

  • Ordering lab tests
  • Modifying your diet and lifestyle practices
  • Prescribing supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, etc)
  • Booking in for more advanced therapies such as acupuncture, intravenous therapy, neural therapy, or chelation

Follow up visits will allow us to go into a more complete treatment plan, perform advanced therapies (if indicated) and follow up on the initial treatment plan. Additional follow up visits will be determined as a case by case basis.


I look forward to working together so that you can achieve your optimal health and wellbeing.



Dr. V